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Our organisation, our people, our whānau. Home Birth Aotearoa informs and celebrates the home birth choice and supports the home birth community.

a Home Birth

If you are wanting to learn more about your choices and if home birth is right for you, discover the benefits of birthing at home and check out the statistics.

Preparing for a Home Birth

Home birth can be an empowering experience for whānau and gives your pēpe a great start to life. Explore our pregnancy, birthing and early parenting information.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

If you are yearning and willing to learn more about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting styles. We have a range of books and films that we recommend and our education series.

Voices of Tane A Fathers Perspective



Supporting Home Birth

A deeper dive

into pregnancy and giving birth at home;
watch our Home Birth Education Series.

Birthing Techniques

The following birthing techniques are often used for natural childbirth and home birth plans.

A closer look

into the world of home birth in New Zealand;
articles from our Home Birth Matters magazine.

Home Birth Stories From New Zealand Families