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Home Birth Aotearoa is the umbrella organisation for a variety of small, medium and large support groups and associations across New Zealand.

Our work supports these groups to nurture localised home birth communities through meetings, pool hire, antenatal classes, newsletters and other activities that promote home birth.

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Starting a group:

No local group in your region or town? Have you considered starting your own? Some groups are just a few like minded mums or midwives who get together now and then, whereas some are more structured and boast large memberships. If you are eager to facilitate gathering of like minded people in your area, you might begin by:

  • Contacting us. We can let you know what if any groups have been in your area in the past, who the local home birth midwives are and where the nearest groups are as well
  • Start a forum topic to connect with others in your area
  • Request a post on the HBA facebook page to connect with others in your area
  • Start a facebook group
  • Arrange a coffee morning, picnic or similar and invite friends and acquaintances from local playgroups, play centre, etc
  • Join our yahoo group and follow our news to hear about upcoimg hui (pod & national hui), film screenings and other national opportunities for regional groups
  • Some useful links for becoming an association, society or trust:


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