Divine Feminine Power

By Amy Towle
Nov 2016

As women we were gifted with the ability to grow life inside us, and birth it into being. We have the ability to nourish and nurture life, to grow into a being with a purpose and place on this earth. How is it we do this? Could it be the divine feminine power that makes us women? The deep inner knowing and power of what it is to be a woman. It lies within all of us, in some it is awake, in some it is not, and some it lies just beneath the surface.

Where is this feminine power, how do we access it and unleash it to guide us through the massive journey of birth and mothering. We know all too well as a society what this experience can be like if we do not nurture and acknowledge this side of ourselves. I have heard many women say, giving birth was the most womanly act they could have ever imagined.  Such an incredible expression of their true inner WOMAN

Image by Melissa Jean Photography www.melissajean.com.au

One of the primary aspects of our physical body that makes all this possible is the uterus and most importantly the cervix. In tantric philosophy the cervix is known as a gateway and is connected directly to our heart. Both physically through the blood vessel structure and energetically. In Eastern medicine the cervix is also seen as the seat of kundalini energy in the female body. Kundalini is an energy that exists in everyone’s body, usually in a dormant state. This means that most people never feel it and never know it is there. Kundalini is very powerful and is believed to clean and strengthen our physical body when accessed or released.  A time when it can be spontaneously released it during conception, pregnancy, and birth.

The cervix is the centre

Due to the strength of energy in the area of the cervix, this is often where we hold trauma, fear, suppress emotions and life experiences. In our society women are taught their Yoni, cervix and menstrual cycle are dirty, not adequate, to be hidden and not explored. With this conditioning many women over a lifetime have stored much negativity in their cervix without realising it and most importantly without releasing it. Imagine what pregnancy, labour and birth would be like with a vulnerable cervix.

Our cervix parts to allow the seed of life in, and it opens to birth life out. Just take a minute to comprehend that on an energetic level. Imagine if this cervix was toxic with trauma, fear, or anxiety, it is not going to create a positive birth and allow a woman to access her seat of power and experience her ultimate divine WOMAN. Many women experience pain or numbness in the cervix due to condition, medical or sexual violations, the cellular imprint of our lineage and shame about current and past experiences. They may also hold pain, tension, or numbness in the pelvis, as with any muscle group, unless the tissue and ligaments are relaxed and released, it hardens and limit’s function and ability.

If this is the case, procedures during labour and birth such as vaginal examinations, stretch and sweeps and even when not pregnant, pap smears and speculum exams can be torturous and only additional to the condition of the cervix. So, what can we do to prevent this, how can we soften and help our cervix to release what it is holding onto, to not only open our birth experience, but to also allow us a stronger sense of self and a healing journey?

There are many ways we can do this, simple ideas like wearing red underwear. Red is the colour of our kundalini and base energy, this resonates with this area of our body.

Make a conscious connection with your cervix during meditation. Take time for meditation during your pregnancy, meditation to connect with your baby, create positive birth intentions and also to relax your cervix. Ask your cervix what it needs, what you can do to help it release and open to birthing life.

If comfortable and able, and only in late pregnancy, never before 36 weeks gestation, you could very gently massage your cervix with the tip of one finger, just merely touching it, becoming familiar, note texture and feelings that may arise.

Powerful yoni image by Hermann Foersterlinghttp://www.foersterling.com/

Visualisation is also a great tool in release and accessing your intuition and birthing power. When you go to bed at night, visualise the anatomy of your pelvis, the bony structure, the ligaments holding it all together, the uterus cradling your baby, the cervix, imagining what it can do and visualise it in action. Visualise your yoni, see it opening, stretching, and strongly birthing your baby, then close and relax with ease afterwards.

In doing these things you will connect with the wisdom stored in your pelvis, in your cell memory, from those women who birthed before you. This will strengthen a sense of self-empowerment, which will inevitably lead you to more confidence, better relationships, decrease anxiety and fear, and ultimately connect you with your divine feminine.  After pregnancy this can also impact other aspects of you such as lessening period pain, increasing libido, and increasing self-love.

You are a divine feminine being, with all the tools you need deep within you. Don’t be afraid to access her or let her out, it will only feel good. Imagine the birth you could have…

Sheela na gig, opening her body for birth.


Amy Towle is the creator of Temple Of She, a space only for the Willing Woman. Amy has over a decade of experience working with women in powerful, yet vulnerable self-exploration.

After experiencing a 21st Century witch hunt within midwifery, Amy was compelled to go within, deeper to find out who she really was as a woman. Amy loves to push the envelope, get deep and dirty into the taboos of our world. She is a fierce mentor and teacher who supports women to be visible in their authenticity.