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Photo specifications:

  • Minimum file size 1MB
  • Maximum file size 5MB
  • Photos must be submitted as JPEG files
  • Artworks may be submitted as JPEG or vector image files
  • We advise to leave the format of your image in rectangle shape; images may be cropped to 8in x 10in (20cm x 25cm). Square images are also acceptable.
  • Borders, watermarks or signatures should not be included


Terms and conditions of entry apply to all photography and art submissions to the Home Birth Aotearoa photography and art competition. Photographs and quality digital images of artworks are accepted.

All entries must represent Home Birth, The Dyad, Whanau, and Aotearoa realistically, free from excessive digital manipulation and with the kaupapa of homebirth at the forefront.  It is important that images demonstrate diversity in an authentic manner.

  1. The competition opens at 9am on Monday 18 December 2017 and closes at 12pm on Wednesday 28 February 2018. Voting for peoples favourite runs 1 March – 14 March. No entries or votes will be accepted outside of these times and dates. Winners announced 15 March
  2. All entries must be submitted online via our entry form, or via Instagram. If you have no internet access but would still like to enter, please contact the team on 021560117 or email admin@homebirth.org.nz.
  3. The entrant must be the original author of the work entered as described in the Copyright Act 1994. Any attempt at plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
  4. Photograph and art entries will not be returned.
  5. All entrants must be residing within Aotearoa at the time of the competition, or be New Zealand residents/citizens. Photos from overseas will be accepted within the context of the categories.
  6. Photos for the Aotearoa category should be taken within Aotearoa, but other categories can be photographed in any setting appropriate to the homebirth kaupapa. This does not necessarily exclude hospital settings.
  7. Photographs must be submitted to one of the following categories:

Home Birth
Any photo or art work that captures Birth in the home space, personal interpretation of how home manifests for the individual is permitted.

  • Professional
  • Open
  • 16 years and under

The Dyad
Any imagery featuring the birth parent and baby. Home Birth focus is encouraged.

  • Professional
  • Open
  • 16 years and under

Any imagery featuring whanau in the context of supporting birth or home birth families. Diversity is encouraged.

  • Professional
  • Open
  • 16 years and under

Any photo or art work that captures Aotearoa, either in ostensible and recognisable imagery or with symbolic reference. This is a broad category and can include still life, landscapes, textural or otherwise. This category can include human figures as an element of composition but they should not be a key feature. Images from this category are likely to be used for the creation of backgrounds and memes so bear this in mind when framing the picture.

  • Professional
  • Open
  • 16 years and under


  1. Photographic and art entries can be historic photos or taken within the time frame of the competition. They must not have been previously submitted for entry.
  2. Each person can submit as many entries as they please. Images however should be distinctly different from each other
  3. Photographic and art entries must adhere to the following specifications. Photography entries: minimum file size 1MB; maximum file size 5MB; photos must be submitted as JPEGs. We advise to leave the format of your image in rectangle shape; borders, watermarks or signatures should not be included. Art entries must be scanned to a minimum of 300 DPI or be submitted as an original digital image. Photographs of artworks can be accepted but only if taken with a high attention to light values and focus. Low res/highly pixelated images may be excluded from entry.
  4. Submitted photographic and art entries that fail to meet the specified format may not be considered and may be disqualified from entry with no correspondence entered into.
  5. Images that are obviously heavily digitally altered will not be accepted as entries to the competition. Minor tweaks with contrast, colour balance and brightness are allowed. Subtle filters are allowed but are discouraged. Major digital enhancement may disqualify the image.
  6. Entrants may be required to provide the original source of their photo or offer a high resolution original if a size greater than 5mb is warranted.
  7. Entrants agree to release the copyright of their entries to the Home Birth Aotearoa for print media, magazine, and internet usage that specifically advertise, promote or celebrate the competition. Contestants agree on submission that all images submitted will be used by Home Birth Aotearoa in the context of magazine publication, online use, print media, and website development. Any other use will be negotiated with the copyright holder and agreed in writing. The authorship of the entrant will be clearly acknowledged in each case of use.
  8. Home Birth Aotearoa acknowledge the moral rights provisions of the Copyright Act 1994, including the right to be identified as the author of the work and the right to object to derogatory treatment of the work. To preserve the artistic integrity of the entry, no work will be intentionally edited (other than as stated in condition 18), altered, demeaned or misrepresented in any way. Images may be used in the context of magazine or online promotion and may be cropped or edited within the limitations of our mahi.
  9. It is the entrant’s responsibility to obtain appropriate written permission from people or owners of property, animals or plants that are identifiable in their work. The entrant must produce evidence of that consent to the organisers if requested.
  10. The entrant fully indemnifies the organisers against any claims arising from the display or use of unaltered work as described herein and from the infringement of intellectual property rights of any third party.
  11. The organisers reserve the right for the purposes of the competition to temporarily censor images that may not be accepted on certain social media platforms. However in the context of our Home Birth Aotearoa website we will not engage in the censorship of birth and breastfeeding.
  12. If the organisers are unable to open or upload the entries submitted because of technical errors caused by file quality or if the file is damaged, the organiser reserves the right not to include the entries in the competition. However we will work with you to ensure all entries are given opportunity to be submitted.
  13. All entries will be treated with care, but no responsibility will be accepted in the case of loss or damage. Insurance is the entrant’s sole responsibility unless agreed in writing with the organiser.
  14. Entrants agree to be contacted by the organisers regarding this competition as well as future Home Birth Aotearoa Competitions.
  15. The entrant’s consent to these Terms and Conditions is through their uploading of photos or video to the competition online.
  16. Winning photographs & artworks will be announced on 15 March 2018 via our website. Winning photographs will be featured in our magazine and on our website blog.
  17. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  18. Prizes are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash.

If you are unable to enter online, or if you have any other comments or questions, please contact:
admin@homebirth.org.nz 021560117


Home Birth – this category is about birth at home. Any photo depicting birth in the home space is eligible. This does not necessarily rule out birth outside of the home space, as long as your photo captures the heart of home birth we accept photos taken in any setting. We are however Home Birth focused, and as such, photos of birth, happening in the home space are truly treasured.

1st $150 2nd $100  3rd $50

The dyad – this category is about baby, and the person who birthed them. Whether it is portraying pregnancy, breastfeeding, babywearing, or simply just being together, we want to see the Dyad in action. As long as the birthing parent and baby are featured there is artistic licence to capture them in any way that works in the moment.

1st $150 2nd $100  3rd $50

Whanau – this category is about the homebirth whanau, whatever form this takes.  Photos that explore the many diverse definitions of whanau in Aotearoa. In this category we would love to see photos with fathers, whanau, partners, mothers, relatives, friends, children and babies – however your whanau presents.

1st $150 2nd $100  3rd $50

Aotearoa – this category is about capturing the beauty and originality of Aotearoa as a place and as a place where we birth our babies. There is a broad scope within this category to capture the macro and the micro of our beautiful land. Native wildlife, flora and fauna, landscapes, skyscapes and symbols of Aotearoa as a country are all acceptable within this category.

1st $150 2nd $100  3rd $50

Peoples favourite – voting for favourite images will open on 1 March, all votes will be counted and the people’s favourite will be determined based on likes. This prize is across categories

1st only – $200

Professional – any professional picture submitted in any category is eligible.

1st $300 2nd $100 3rd $50

Plus a feature in our magazine and on our website. All entrants receive a free directory listing in our Home Birth Directory.

Junior prize – Contestants 16 and under can enter their image in any category, their photos will be judged collectively within their age bracket rather than by category.

1st $100 2nd $50 3rd $25

Spot Prizes to be announced as the competition progresses.


Birth isn’t something we suffer, but
something we actively do, and exalt in!


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