One of our struggles, as a voluntary organisation working in a charitable space, is securing high quality, home birth specific photos with an Aotearoa flavour. To address this we are holding the Home Birth Photography Competition 2017/2018

Enter the Home Birth Aotearoa Photography & Art Competition

Whenever we explore stock imagery options, there are a plethora of images that reduce women in pregnancy to headless torsos dressed in clinical white, with birth being avoided altogether or portrayed in a medical context only. The pregnant woman is portrayed as object rather than subject. More concerning the majority of images lack any kind of diversity. Ultimately, this lack of choice and originality still comes at a high cost to the trust. Whether it is in the time spent seeking suitable creative commons imagery, or purchasing images to furnish our magazine and website there is a challenge to ensuring our images are true to the kaupapa of Home Birth Aotearoa.

This is where we invite you to reframe how birth is represented in Aotearoa. This is your chance to contribute images of strength, of diversity, of originality and of birth in the home space. Following our 2013 photography competition, we are holding a photography and art competition for 2017/2018. This competition will be open for entries from Monday 18 December until February. We have increased our categories from three to four, in an effort to capture photos that represent the Home Birth Aotearoa community in every facet possible.

This summer we would love you to get snapping, and enter our Homebirth Photography Competition. Alongside photos that feature pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babywearing and beyond we are inviting you to get creative in our other categories. Our goal is to keep our imagery as Aotearoa specific as possible, which means we are always interested in photos showcasing our beautiful nature and landscape. We have also added a category for our younger photographers to participate in. So get your kids involved too!

This is primarily a photography competition, but digital artworks or digital copies of paintings/drawings are also accepted. We want to give you a space to express what homebirth means for you and your whanau! You do not need to have had a homebirth to compete, we open this competition to anyone who has something to contribute.

Categories – total prize pool $2000

Home Birth (open) – this category is about birth at home. Any photo depicting birth in the home space is eligible. This does not necessarily rule out birth outside of the home space, as long as your photo captures the heart of home birth we accept photos taken in any setting. We are however Home Birth focused, and as such, photos of birth, happening in the home space are truly treasured.

The dyad (open) – this category is about baby, and the person who birthed them. Whether it is portraying pregnancy, breastfeeding, babywearing, or simply just being together, we want to see the Dyad in action. As long as the birthing parent and baby are featured there is artistic licence to capture them in any way that works in the moment.

Whanau (open) – this category is about the homebirth whanau, whatever form this takes.  Photos that explore the many diverse definitions of whanau in Aotearoa. In this category we would love to see photos with fathers, whanau, partners, mothers, relatives, friends, children and babies – however your whanau presents.

Aotearoa (open)  – this category is about capturing the beauty and originality of Aotearoa as a place and as a place where we birth our babies. There is a broad scope within this category to capture the macro and the micro of our beautiful land. Native wildlife, flora and fauna, landscapes, skyscapes and symbols of Aotearoa as a country are all acceptable within this category.

Peoples favourite – voting for favourite images will open on 1 March, all votes will be counted and the people’s favourite will be determined based on likes. This prize is across categories

The peoples choice winner from 2012. Elena Burger-Guimaraes

Professional – as per the open categories, professionals have their own specific prize pool as well as the winners getting a feature article in our magazine and on our website. All entrants receive a free directory listing in our Home Birth Directory.

Junior prize – Contestants 16 and under can enter their image in any category, their photos will be judged collectively within their age bracket rather than by category

There have also been some great spot prizes donated for specific photos and subjects, these will be announced as the competition progresses.

Birth isn’t something we suffer, but
something we actively do, and exalt in!


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