Birth Circle

      Lotus Birth

      The practice of having a Lotus birth is one of many choices you can make after the birth of your baby. Lotus Birth is…

      Divine feminine power

      Divine Feminine Power

      As women we were gifted with the ability to grow life inside us, and birth it into being. We have the ability to nourish and nurture life

      action to improve maternity

      Home is the Best Place

      When I fell pregnant I had been watching birth for years. Many people would often ask me, doesn’t that scare you? Doesn’t that put…

      Home Birth Matters

      Te Whare Pora

      Ko Tākitimu te waka Ko Te Whakapunake a Māui tikitiki a Taranga ki runga Ko Te Wairoa Hōpūpū Hōnengenenge Mātangi Rau ki raro Nō…

      Red tent womens circle

      Restoring Balance

      Lianne Divine, discusses the re-emergence of Red Tent, healing, and harnessing the energies of the moon.

      log fire

      Elemental & Ancestral

      Nadia opens up what birth means at the core for her and her family, her words bring the elemental forces of birth into a richly tapestried story of birth in our place.