Birth Story

      A little owl is born

      It’s Monday and I’ve got an appointment with my osteopath up the road to help encourage baby (aka “Owl,” as we called our bump)…

      Hayely Dawn is born

      My pregnancy had been pretty straight forward. Being my fourth baby I was feeling relaxed and just went with the flow. My first two…

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      Ancient Wisdom of Birth

      The tide swirls around my ankles. I look out at the vast expanse of blue and feel nervous, excited, scared, and overwhelmed all at…

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      Dear Laurel

      Dear Laurel, looking down to you cuddled up and sleeping on my chest, and now 14 weeks old already, I feel so fortunate to…

      Calm birth at Christmas

      Our expected due time fell right in the Christmas season. For about 3 weeks I’d been having braxton hicks,  a building pressure in my…

      Slow but sure

      My midwife told me third babies are usually unpredictable. Boy was she right! Our wee boy was due in early January but I expected…

      Natural family planning

      Baby Moon

      Mayana explores the spiritual and physiological importance of babymoons, the fourth trimester.

      Home Birth Matters

      Nikau Grew Me

      I’d had no previous birth experience but I had a friend who spoke about homebirth like it was the most normal thing.