The Secrets of Kombucha

      We asked Stacey Wilson to talk to us about Kombucha. There are a whole host of articles and tutorials on kombucha, claiming all sorts…

      Making Soap

      I have always wanted to make my own soap, but I have always been put off by the idea of using caustic ingredients

      Crown for Litha

      In full summer, grass dries to a beautiful golden and the lavender is in full bloom all greens and mauves.

      Sunscreen for Summer

      As summer comes, we start to think about lazy sunny days, beach outings and sunshine. We also start to think about sun protection.  While…

      Beltane Bunnies

      Spring has well and truly sprung, and bunnies are a ubiquitous symbol for spring and the new life that comes with it. Last week…


      Living Matariki

      Once a year, twinkling in the winter sky just before dawn, Matariki (eyes of God, or little eyes) signals the Maori New Year. Traditionally,…

      A Basket for Birth

        I’m often asked, “What do you need for a homebirth”. For many homebirth elicits images of boiling water, grabbing towels and a pair…

      Spring Fairy Tutorial

      A Waldorf inspired Spring fairy is a lovely project to do with your children in celebration of the Spring season.   Here is what…

      Home Birth Matters

      Whenua to whenua

      When a baby is born to the people of this land, it is customary to bury the whenua or placenta in the earth.

      Homebirth Magazine

      Birth and Yoga

      Jude Mahood talks about yoga and the many benefits it offers to women through their pregnancy.