Home Birth Hui 2018

      Our annual Hui at Horouta Marae was a great opportunity to catch up with our homebirth regions.

      Home Birth Matters


      When the trees begin to shed their leaves and the evening breezes we have become used to bites like a sharp needle after sundown


      Te Ira Tāne

      Born on the first day of Spring 21 years ago the first name of our second born ‘te ira tāne’ (male born son) Te…

      Matariki Home Birth

      Mataariki Puapua

      The Winter Solstice is upon us, Mataariki Puapua the starlight Morning Star constellation aligned, graces our skies

      Kaupapa Cultural appropriation


      The intention of writing about materoto (miscarriage) is to encourage women towards processes relevant to them.

      All aspects of YOU

      As we all know being pregnant and giving birth are both very much holisitic experiences.  They impact us on all levels; physically, emotionally, spiritually…


      When a woman becomes pregnant she not only grows a human being and soul but also an amazing organ that makes it all possible. …

      Home Birth Magazine

      The Sacred Space of Birth

      I have come to recognise that the space in which a woman births in is an absolute key to the ‘success’ or outcome of her birth.

      Kaupapa Cultural appropriation

      Whare tangata

      Chanz Mikaere of Te Arawa and Mataatua descent, artist and activist, shares her artwork with us.

      Grief is a place


      They are the forests, plants, seas, rivers and creatures which clothe me. They are my wondrous korowai which sustains us all. This is my story…

      Home Birth Matters

      Champion of Knowledge

      So how does championing te reo Māori and home birth relate? They both evolve, they both communicate.