Two Recipes with Quince

      It’s almost here, I can smell it in the air – QUINCE season. In late summer through autumn a peculiar, yellowed green, hard lumpy fruit…

      Summer Harvest Kasundi

      Mid to late summer is when garlic is ready for harvest, tomatoes become a glut and chilli plants are laden with fruit.

      Cinnamon Bread

      Nothing says Autumn quite like a warm crusty bread, fresh from the oven, dripping with butter. This is a simple recipe for a tasty…

      Summer Salted Salad

      In summer we start to see melons, cucumber and other fleshy fruit appear in stores. These are perfect ingredients for a salad that is…

      home birth aotearoa

      Tepache for Birth

      Waiting for birth to come can sometimes feel like the longest wait of all. It’s easy to feel frustrated and anxious or just plain…

      mermaids purse

      Toasty Carrot Cake

        This carrot cake may well be the best recipe for Carrot Cake ever. It’s rich and moist and delightfully full of flavour. Unlike…

      Angela’s Vegan Kimchi

        The health benefits of eating fermented foods are well known, I’m not a nutritionist, and I wont go into them here, but I…

      Spring Linzer Biscuits

      Spring Linzer Biscuits

      As spring arrives, we move from cold quiet earth to new life emerging, shoots and blossoms show and you can almost feel Mother Nature…

      A Recipe for Pate

      Winter is a time for comfort food and what could be more comforting than a luscious pate with port wine jelly.

      Sticky Ginger Pudding

      Sticky Ginger and Fruit Pudding

      A delicious recipe for a gooey, fruit and ginger pudding. A perfect accompaniment for cool nights and hot fires. This recipe can easily be adapted to dairy or gluten free.

      A recipe for pate

      Celebration Cake

      Bonnie Sumner gives us her inspired version of groaning cake in the form of Celebration Cake