Time for a Spring Clean

      It’s Spring time and inevitably we start looking ahead to the summer – and you’ll start hearing that Detox word again. I’m personally not…

      log fire

      Winter Warmers

      Welcome to the winter!  I hope you are keeping warm. Are you at the mercy of winter each year? Do those dreaded colds and…

      Good Health in Autumn

      As a Naturopath, I am always looking for effective treatments and ideas to keep our wee ones happy and healthy

      Finnish Model of boxes at birth

      Birth and Generations

      I became Kerri’s midwife for the first time near the end of her second pregnancy. Her first birth had been very traumatic for her….

      Toy midwifery kit

      Toy Midwifery Kit

      Toy doctors and nurses kits are often found in abundance, but toy midwifery kits are really not commonplace. Which is why we decided to…