The Pelvic Floor

      Many women accept incontinence as part of being female and giving birth, and do not seek help when the problem arises.

      Home Birth Hui

      Spring Hui Debrief

      As I watched the horror of the US election unfold the other night and I downed the last of a musty old bottle of…

      Men Love and Birth

      Men & Love at Birth

      Let me start by putting right out there; I absolutely loved this book. So much that I bought my own copy so I could…

      A Poemic Review

      I am going to jump straight in and say that, no matter how many books on home birth you’ve read, you’ve got to read…


      Thanks to my midwife

      Things I appreciated about you…   The considered way you use language. I so appreciated your awareness of the power of your words to…

      Men Love and Birth

      Undisturbing Birth

      The whole day was jam packed with evidence of the physiology of motherhood and effects of intervention.

      Men Love and Birth

      Why Microbirth matters

      As a mum and midwife, I feel the message of Microbirth is important for women and birth professionals alike.

      Home Birth Magazine

      The Birth House by Ami McKay

      Ami McKay writes a story that mingles the otherworldly and the domestic, the dreamlike. The Birth House is written for the heart.

      Men Love and Birth

      Orgasmic Birth

      Orgasmic Birth is a documentary that explores the ability for women to give birth using the innate power within.