Harakeke boat

      As summer turns to Autumn the opportunities for seasonal craft is abundant

      Picking blackberries in Autumn

      Autumn brings a season of ripening, thick tangling bramble vines redolent with sun sweetened blackberries. Nothing more tempting or delightful for little children to…

      Onion skin dyeing

      Felting Autumnal Crowns

      Seasonal activities are a wonderful way to engage children in hand crafts that relate directly to their world. Children who play in nature frequently…

      Homebirth Conference

      Reflections on Conference

      Every second year Home Birth Aotearoa hold our Home Birth Conference, it’s a chance to collectively enrich our homebirth knowledge and build on herstories…


      At last, after the confinement of winter and the turbulent transition into spring, it’s time to enter the outgoing flow of summer.

      Home Birth Aotearoa


      Juliet Batten shares the many ways we can celebrate spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

      Juliet Batten Winter seasons


      Winter is the season of rest and renewal. As darkness increases, we seek warmth and cosiness indoors.

      Leaf crowns


      Autumn is harvest time: a season of gratitude and preparation. We gather in the goodness of the land.