Words of a grandfather

      As I tend to focus on living the days, the chronological aspects of the past disappear quickly but I can say I have been…

      action to improve maternity AIM

      Home Birth Reflections

      I think it was my mother who ended up raving about it for months on end. Every time we skyped she somehow managed to…

      Divine Feminine Power

      As women we were gifted with the ability to grow life inside us, and birth it into being.  We have the ability to nourish…

      Grief is a place

      Grief is a Place

      Everyone agrees that the loss of a child is the worst kind of trauma, and every parent tries to imagine it.    The minute you…

      It’s OK to not be OK

        “Congratulations!” “ You must be so excited!”  “You’re glowing!” Imagine, for a second, in your possibly nauseous and tired state how those statements…

      Home Birth Matters

      Make your own Ipu Whenua

      Making biodegradable ipu whenua all came about, for me, way back in 2010. I attended a workshop for midwives and I felt challenged  to produce…

      Homebirth Magazine

      A Journey to Homebirth

      I always knew home birth existed, but up until I became pregnant with my own child, I did not know anyone who had had one.

      Home Birth Magazine

      What makes a home birth?

      “What if…?” is a question that I have asked my midwife so many times. There are so many uncertainties on your journey

      Home Birth Magazine

      Homebirth Obstetrician

      Full disclosure:  I had a home birth for what might have seemed to others on the surface of it to be trivial reasons.  My…

      Home Birth Magazine

      Climbing trees

      I loved to climb trees. I grew up where some of the best climbing trees grow. What I didn’t know then was the impact climbing trees would have on my life.