March for Midwives

      A selection of photos from the midwifery marches throughout Aotearoa, we protest for fairer pay.

      The argument for funding

      Evidence based research continues to be clear that continuity of care is classed as the gold standard in maternity care.

      How will you use your vote?

      We took the time to ask all major political parties what their views and policies are relating to what matters for our Home Birth Whanau….


      When Things Go Wrong

      Write a birth plan. Don’t write a birth plan. Prepare for the worst, plan for the best. Don’t prepare for the worst at all….

      Shamanic Womancraft Retreat

      Of interest to our Home Birthing community is this 5 day, Shamanic Womancraft retreat for women of all ages and stages of life. Gathered…

      A Poemic Review

      I am going to jump straight in and say that, no matter how many books on home birth you’ve read, you’ve got to read…

      Probiotics, nutrition matters

      It is becoming well known that the way we are born, has a significant impact on our gut health and immunity well into our…

      Fathers Home Birth

      Born at Home

      What prompted midwife, Sharon Robinson, to produce the video ‘Born at Home’, NZ Dads advocate for childbirth.

      Finnish Model of boxes at birth

      Wahakura for Whānau

      The approach of the Hapū Wānanga pregnancy and parenting programme is about removing barriers for whanau.

      Home Birth Magazine

      Home Birth: A family run event.

      “It’s a privilege to watch and facilitate birth,” says home birth midwife Juliet Thorpe. “Women know what they want to do; they find the…