Crown for Litha.

In full summer, grass dries to a beautiful golden and the lavender is in full bloom all greens and mauves. While grass may seem very mundane, it is in fact very beautiful. When allowed to grow and seed, it is a delicate and elegant plant. Nothing quite so seasonal as seeing swathes of golden seeds nested on tall waving stems, creating an earthy sussurus in the evening sun. In it’s way lavenders form echoes that of grass. It seems only natural to combine them and craft them into a delightful summer crown. A fun activity for a group or a simple afternoon craft to do oneself on a sunny day. The smell from the lavender and grass together is redolent of summer and summer days.

Litha is a celebration of summer and all that summer brings, this crown is the perfect way to capture the feel of summer.

Nothing says summer quite like grass, golden in the late noon light


Grass seed heads have such a distinctive structure and texture. This is not an activity for hayfever sufferers!


The coarser grasses I soaked in water for a short period before weaving the crown.


The shades of green gold and purple are so perfect for a Litha crown.


Even the stems of the grass offer a wonderful spectrum of shades


Start off by wrapping a small bundle of grass heads together with ribbon.


As the crown progresses, you need to keep wrapping the ribbon and incorporating small bunches of grass and lavender.

The idea is to keep the bundles even and thickly clustered


It can be difficult to gauge how long the binding needs to be before it can be joined in a circle. You can keep trying it as you go.

The final piece. At this stage you can trim any thick stem ends and feed in any additional grasses or lavender you want to give the crown a lush feel.

Wearing a crown can make you feel quite wonderful and special. Children can wear them to play games and roleplay, or you might incorporate your crown into a moon circle or bonfire party. Or maybe you want to hang the crown on your door as a symbol of harvest and sunshine.

To find out more about Summer Solstice celebration, Litha and Iho o hineraumati I highly recommend Juliet Battens book, Celebrating the Southern Seasons. 

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