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Last Issue – for now.

Home Birth Matters has seen in 5 years now with me as editor. Five years of Home Birth stories, recipes, articles, interviews and reviews. Our goal has been to provide an accessible, free publication that has homebirth at the centre. In this, Home Birth Matters has been such a success. The contributions from within the Home Birth community have made this magazine what it is. And the issues we have published, will remain here on our website, as a testament to the diversity and strength of our home birth community.

My time as editor for this magazine however, has come to an end. I have enjoyed the journey so very much, working with the passionate voices in our community to tell our stories. There is pride too, of what we achieved, building the magazine from concept to publication. I have gratitude for those who have worked with me to achieve our goals. In particular, Sharon Knightbridge, Tess Trotter, Robin Visser-Kidder and Carl Aiau – who were key to the success of Home Birth Matters and whose work continues to inspire. When we were given the brief to make this magazine, the sheer amount of work that went into it’s creation was immense. There were days where I didn’t step away from my computer, and I am sure the same can be said for my collaborators. Here we are four years later, reflecting on what has been achieved.

Home Birth Matters has not come to an end, but it is in temporary hiatus until we work through a way forward.

Thank you all for your support. It has been pretty darn amazing.



Sian Hannagan
Home Birth Matters Editor

Home Birth Matters
Volume 5 Issue 1-4
Published continuously since 2013
ISSN 2422-9946Editor: Sian Hannagan
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