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As well as the events from region to region, we have recently had two big This excellent product will last longer in the fridge, but doesn't require refrigeration so can easily be taken traveling. Expired levitra pills - high quality of the medications we offer is the subject of our primary concern. names come to Aotearoa for seminars and workshops. To our shores we recently welcomed Michel Odent for his discussion on Childbirth and the Evolution of Homo Sapiens, he also has a new book coming up for release on 25 June called ‘Do We Need Midwives’. This book is available for pre-order from Capers book store .


Michel Odent Do we Need Midwives

Michel Odent speaking at his Auckland workshop.

Sarah Buckley also came over for her workshop on Undisturbing Birth. Sarah’s work on the physiology of birth is at the forefront of birth research and her investment into supporting women to birth in the way that best suits them is treasured. Her talk was valued by our membership and thanks to Sarah Buckley’s generousity we had two Home Birth community members report back on their experience, read their thoughts here:

A petition is being run by Denise Hynd, author of Maternity Manifesto to seek support for a primary birth unit in West Auckland, if you want to support this cause, then sign the petition here:

A new resource is available to breastfeeding mothers, midwives and breastfeeding supporters, Mama Aroha breastfeeding cards the brainchild of Amy Wray are a set of beautifully illustrated breastfeeding question cards. They are designed to be used while sitting and talking about breastfeeding so the mother is able to participate in the discussion. 

Carla Sargent of Birth Rite NZ and Voice for Parents Birth Trauma Support is running a 4 week ‘Begin to Heal’ series which starts soon. This course is designed to support women who https://blog.suny.edu/2021/02/cialis-store/ have experienced a traumatic birth and are struggling to know how to move forward in their life with healthy perspective and positivity. We are here to remind you that none of what happened to you was your fault, and to provide you with the tools and information you need to move forward, knowing there’s plenty of hope for a brighter future.

For course dates, time, cost and venue visit:http://www.voiceforparents.co.nz/event-calendar/

For related FAQs visit: http://www.voiceforparents.co.nz/begin-to-heal-series/

To register or to find out more, email Carla: carla@voiceforparents.co.nz

Birth back to whanau

He Pānui

Takiaho in association with Nga Maia bring you Hui a Motu 2015
Hui a Motu 2015 The first national hui for Kaupapa Māori Childbirth Education Providers, Poutoko Whānau (Childbirth Educators), CBE Students & Whānau Te Hokinga Mai viagra en gel Bringing Childbirth Education Back To Whānau.

Venue Tapu Te Ranga Marae, 44 Rhine St, Island Bay, Wellington

10th – 12th September 2015

Nau Mai –Haere Mai

Speakers from throughout Aotearoa will share a variety of points of cialis tablets view about childbirth education and will foster the commitment of poutoko whānau (childbirth educators) to share correct information in practice and create opportunities to fully explore the potential of childbirth education in promoting whānau ora, enhancing whakapapa and bringing alive kaupapa Māori.

Home Birth Aotearoa fully ordering viagra overnight delivery support Takiaho and Hui a Motu.

“Te Hokinga Mai – Bringing Childbirth Education Back To Whānau” is the kaupapa of Takiaho Hui A Motu 2015 which aims to:

Create a national Māori awareness of childbirth education

Contribute to Māori well-being by bringing together the knowledge and thinking cheap price viagra of people who are firmly committed to achieving rangatiratanga.

Encourage participants to reclaim, consolidate and grow the unique options that tupuna knowledge gives us to face modern challenges and ensure long-term future well-being.

“Te Hokinga Mai – Bringing Childbirth Education Back To Whānau” will be of interest to birthing whānau, poutoko whānau and students, health and social service providers, whānau ora navigators, tamariki ora, Family Start, Māma and Pēpi and parenting facilitators.

Nau Mai Rā – Haere Mai Rā


Home Birth Conference

Connections and Community is the theme and the conference is being held in Nelson on August 29.

Details here: http://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/home-birth-conference-2015-connections-community-tickets-16982866210


 Home Birth Happenings

The last three months has seen emergence and resurgence in many of our regions, here is an update on the happenings throughout the country.


The Auckland HomeBirth Community has picked up where the previous group left off with fresh energy and much excitement.  They have new pools available for hire, two regular monthly meetings at MAMA Maternity in the day and evening, have recently run a birth workshop and will shortly be holding a men’s evening.  Due to the growth they have experienced, AHBC are currently seeking additional members to assist with managing the group, if this interests you please get in touch with them via their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/391711034325595/.  New member Sarah Jackson had this to share with us about their experience with AHBC:


When Mark and I fell pregnant, we had no idea we would end up planning for a home birth.  All we knew is after an unpleasant experience through the hospital system the previous year, we wanted to have our own control over the pregnancy and birth.
Friends pointed us in the direction of finding our midwife, Donna Fowles who is part of the Auckland Homebirth Community and asked us to come along to one of their meetings at ‘MAMA Maternity’ in Sandringham, to talk with other like-minded parents and support people who have had, or are planning home births themselves.  We were keen to learn as much as we could about pregnancy and the natural ways of giving birth so we had nothing to lose.  We went along and were thoroughly impressed by how much we got out of the session just by talking to one another.  Listening to others experiences of their own home births, and how labour can happen so naturally with the help of knowledge and support, really confirmed our decision for us to go ahead with planning for a home birth ourselves.

The environment is welcoming and comfortable, along with food and lots of laughter.  The AHBC also have birthing pools for hire which really made that exercise simple and effortless.  Interesting and relevant books and pamphlets are available through the community as well, so we have been able to gain even more knowledge by educating ourselves with the birth process and the natural symphony of reproduction.

Mark and I have been back again to join in the informative discussions and will continue to do so as we find it so helpful and necessary as part of our journey.  We attend the fourth Thursday of each month’s meeting between 7pm-9pm as it suits us while we both work, but they also hold another meeting every second Wednesday of the month between 10am-12pm.

Mark & Sarah Jackson – Ellerslie, Auckland



Meanwhile in the central North Island, Taupo Home Birth Community has restarted with the help of local home birth advocates Ajah Dearlove and Fleur Steiner.  The group is seeing a growing attendance at their monthly meetings, has participated in International Day of the Midwife celebrations at Taupo Maternity unit, and is working on building a small library of home birth literature.  For more information go to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/927409793966378/


Golden Bay

A brand new lease of life for home birth groups is being found in Takaka with the emergence of a new group there – watch this space and we will have more information in the next edition.


Seeking assistance with their resurgence this year is the Manawatu Home Birth Association, who hold their AGM on May 30.  The MHBA is looking for new families to replace those that have given many years to the group and are now wanting to move on.  Thank you so much to these families who have given so much to Manawatu home birthing whanau over the last while.  It will be exciting to see what a change in faces will bring to the region.  In particular MHBA is looking for nominations for a new Co-ordinator, Secretary and Treasurer.  If you are a passionate home birth advocate in Manawatu there has never been a better time to put your hand up!  More details can be found on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MHBAInc



Canterbury Home Birth Association is also still looking for new committee members – don’t be shy – as well as monthly coffee mornings they hold monthly committee meetings, the next one is on Monday 8 June.  If you’re in Christchurch and passionate about home birth then get yourself along. Canterbury have always been a robust mainstay of the homebirth movement in Aotearoa, it would be excellent to see this region thrive.


Meanwhile the Tauranga Home Birth Association is busily planning a pod hui for the Bay of Plenty/Lakes region, to be held 18 & 19 September in Papamoa.  This is an exciting opportunity for home birthers in the region, and any of those who want to come from further afield, to come together to discuss relevant issues and share knowledge.  Tauranga is planning to have a broad range of speakers doing 10-20 minute presentations on a variety of topics – if you would like to speak at hui please get in touch with Rachel at adbreak@gmail.com.


Also busily planning a big event is CHOICEBaby Nelson and Homebirth Motueka, who jointly host this year’s national conference and hui at Riverside Community on August 29 & 30.  Registrations are now being taken for both days, see our article further in the magazine for more details.



Michelle Howie from Waikato Home Birth Association has sent through this update, huge admiration for the WHBA who have got this year off to an amazing start.


The long hot summer has led to an energetic time for our Association. Must be the vitamin D….? We had a lovely laidback picnic at a local Hamilton park on 28th February, splashing, swinging and chattering. Steph and Carla mingled with the Te Awamutu community at the Thriving Under 5 Expo on 1st March and Michelle wo-manned the stall at the Baby Prep Expo on 4th March. The next Hamilton Baby Prep Expo is in June and we will be making a short presentation to those who come along.  Jacqui and Michelle have been facilitating our monthly Support Circles and the discussions have been so fruitful and supportive. We are really enjoying our presence in the community and the wide way we reach people. The launch of our Natural Birth Series in April has been an exciting extension of this outreach and we are delighted to welcome a groundswell of new families through these evenings. In particular, the birth story sessions have been really well received and the feedback has told us that we are welcoming families in a way that is connecting new people to natural birth topics. 


Our online presence continues to grow and we have nearly 400 likes on our Facebook page, this is how a lot of new people are finding out about our sessions and meetings. We reverted to a more traditional form of communication in May though and sent handwritten cards to our local home birth midwives, to honour their place in our family fabric and celebrate International Day of the Midwife.


Bronwyn has been diligently keeping our local midwives contact list updated with Home Birth Aotearoa and sending out information regularly. She has also had a baby in February! Warmest welcome to Elijah from the core group.

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