Summer Fruit Tree Decorations.


It’s that time of year again where we celebrate the season by decorating a tree, whatever form your holiday season celebration takes a Christmas or Yule tree seems to be a common buy cheap propecia online theme for many families. Rather than generic cialis online canada decorating with plastic baubles and tinsel, a more seasonal and earth friendly approach can be nice. These dried fruit decorations are lovely and rustic and can be composted or hung in the trees for birds  afterwards… or if you prefer to keep them, varnished and stored for next year.


Christmas decorations fruit

Step One: Choose fruit that is firm, evenly shaped, free from bruising or rot and fresh.


I chose fruit that was seasonally available and a nice range of colours. Fruit that is unsuitable is any fruit that cannot be sliced smoothly and hold it’s shape.


Step two: Slice the fruit evenly about 3 mm thick, any thicker and it becomes hard to dry, much thinner and they will be too fragile. HOT TIP: Limes are not worth the cost, they go yellow when dried!

Step three: Make a citric acid bath with 1 teaspoon of citric acid per 500ml water. This is to stop the pip fruit from discolouring during the drying process. Citrus fruit does not need a bath.

citric acid

Step four: Bathe the fruit for 5 minutes in the bath, too long will leave the fruit soggy and hard to dry.


Step five: Layer the fruit singly on a dehydrator tray and dry overnight. If you don’t have a dehydrator then in the oven at a low temperature with the door cracked is a good option.

Apple star

Apples make a lovely star shape when cut across the midsection.


Step five: When the fruit has dried and is firm without any moisture left it is ready. To hang them on the tree you want to thread a string through them and tie in a loop.


The dried fruit has a lovely natural look.


Using a large eyed needle can help with the threading process


Optional: You can varnish your fruit before hanging. I chose not to do this as I won’t want to keep them past the new year and varnish will make them unsuitable for composting.


Step six: Hang in the tree!

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