My story

      Post-natal depression. Chances are you probably know someone who has had it, whether they’ve told you about it or not.

      Crown for Litha

      In full summer, grass dries to a beautiful golden and the lavender is in full bloom all greens and mauves.

      Summer Harvest Kasundi

      Mid to late summer is when garlic is ready for harvest, tomatoes become a glut and chilli plants are laden with fruit.

      Summer Solstice Pavlova

      Pavlova is often treated like a mysterious and temperamental dessert – because it is.

      Photography Competition

      Images celebrating and supporting homebirth are key to the work we do as a trust.

      Healing salve

      Healing Comfrey Balm

      In the peak of summer, the garden becomes lush with growth. In the case of my garden, weeds.

      Moon Circle – being with women

      Lucy Aitken-Read’s latest creation,  Moon Circle is exactly what I needed to read in this sometimes summer season.

      Beyond Cultural Care

      For a white woman accessing maternity care in Aotearoa, it is normal to receive care from a midwife or maternity carer who shares your…

      Our News

      Our Spring Hui and Conference was held in Auckland in October 2017. Hosted by the Auckland Homebirth Community the Conference was held at the…

      Lotus Birth

      The practice of having a Lotus birth is one of many choices you can make after the birth of your baby. Lotus Birth is…