Hannah Dahlen on Midwifery

      Hannah Dahlen is leading the way for some long overdue fundamental changes to maternity in Australia

      March for Midwives

      A selection of photos from the midwifery marches throughout Aotearoa, we protest for fairer pay.

      NZCOM Conference 2018

      One Voice was a passionate, valuable conference which focused on midwifery as it stands in Aotearoa today.

      The Pelvic Floor

      Many women accept incontinence as part of being female and giving birth, and do not seek help when the problem arises.

      Two Recipes with Quince

      It’s almost here, I can smell it in the air – QUINCE season. In late summer through autumn a peculiar, yellowed green, hard lumpy fruit…

      The Secrets of Kombucha

      We asked Stacey Wilson to talk to us about Kombucha. There are a whole host of articles and tutorials on kombucha, claiming all sorts…

      Making Soap

      I have always wanted to make my own soap, but I have always been put off by the idea of using caustic ingredients

      Home Birth Hui 2018

      Our annual Hui at Horouta Marae was a great opportunity to catch up with our homebirth regions.

      Wet Felted Winter Slippers

      Last Winter I made wet felted slippers from sheeps wool, and they are the best & warmest slippers I have ever had.

      What Happens when the Midwives are Gone?

      Midwives in Aotearoa are the single biggest repository of birth knowledge, maternity care, and traditional birth knowledges in our country. The model of care…

      The argument for funding

      Evidence based research continues to be clear that continuity of care is classed as the gold standard in maternity care.

      What it means to be a Trustee

      Our role in trusteeship is one that is both very specific, and incredibly broad. we are caretakers for Home Birth in Aotearoa

      Home Birth News

      Last Issue – for now

      Our goal has been to provide an accessible, free publication that has homebirth at the centre.

      Trustee Elections 2019

      Trusteeship is a voluntary position, working with other trustees in governance of trust activities.