Taha Whānau – Unframed Print


The concept of Te Whare Tapa Whā is about maintaining not just physical and mental health but also social and spiritual connections in order to promote good health.  Just as each corner of the house must be strong and balanced to hold its structure, each dimension of well-being must be balanced for health to exist.

Taha whānau (family wellbeing)

This is the most fundamental unit of Māori society. Whānau are groups of individuals descended from a fairly recent ancestor, and the importance of whānau will vary from one individual to the next. Whānau is also about extended relationships – it’s not just your immediate relatives. It’s your friends, colleagues, community and the people who make you feel like you belong, who you care about and who you share your life with.  The beliefs, expectations or opinions of a persons whānau can have a major impact on the choices that an individual makes.

Printed digital art by artist Neisha Wilson-Hita

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