Hutton and colleagues have published a meta-analysis that includes 14 studies (1990–2018; n = 500,000) examining outcomes for low risk women planning homebirths in well-resourced countries. Hannah Dahlen’s commentary on the study poses the – question “Is it Time to Ask Whether Facility Based Birth is Safe for Low Risk Women and Their Babies?”

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In conclusion Dahlen states “The evidence to support the safety of homebirth for low risk women attended by professionally educated midwives in well-integrated settings is now very convincing. Perhaps we need to ask: is hospital birth safe or sustainable for low risk women in developed and developing nations? To go down this path, we need to change the embedded narrative, to embrace a definition of safety that women instinctively understand and strive for, including physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual safety. It is time we recognized the need for all the professional and maternity consumer groups to unite and agree on the central principles needed to ensure women have safe options when they choose their place of birth, whatever that choice may be.”

Birth isn’t something we suffer, but
something we actively do, and exalt in!


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