Haere Mai! Haere Mai! Welcome to our new website!

From humble beginnings, mere inspirations and dreams, to the brutal reality of what is and isn’t possible, this has been an epic project. The resulting website is a heartfelt dedication to the home birth community of Aotearoa, a culmination of the dedicated mahi of our contributors, coders and artists. We couldn’t be prouder or happier with the result. We sincerely hope you love it as much as we do.

To help you find what you are looking for, discover what the site can do and explore your place in this new space, come along with me on a short journey across the site.

Our home page is a great place to start. The home page provides some entry points into different spaces in the site and is also where birth stories are located. Clicking into the photo grid, you can begin reading tales from across Aotearoa (and beyond) and also add your own birth story, right there and then if you so desire.

Also featured on the home page is our entry point for dads, Voices of Tane –  utilizing the sections here filters information contained in the site to dad specific resources.

Your Home Birth is the place to go for all things mind, body and spirit related to preparing for birth at home. Packed with informational articles, this area of the site is for families seeking guidance, information and support in their home birth journey.

Why Home Birth is the entry point for those considering or seeking understanding about home birth. Here you will find the most up to date statistics, the benefits and testimonials on home birth in Aotearoa.

Community houses the forum and links to regional group information. With easy sign-up capability to the forum, please come along, join in and connect with the community here. Over time our goal is to build up a wealth of mother to mother, whānau to whānau advice and suggestions that serve as a guide to others seeking information. This is also the place to have regional conversations, plan pod hui, share what is happening in your hood and connect with like minded others in your area.

News is our calendar of events and regular blog. Featuring events and dates relevant to the home birth community, the calendar is another space we welcome input. Please let us know if you have a date or event to add. Our news blog is a space for current issues, events and messages. We will update here regularly, with trust news, highlights on whats is happening in the natural birth landscape, guest features and links to other interesting blogs.

Home Birth Matters, the national home birth magazine for Home Birth Aotearoa, is a seasonal online magazine full of interesting articles and perspectives. You can subscribe to get your copy fresh each season.

Resources. Books, links, postcards, downloads of reports and resources and a directory for all things home birth. Check out our suggesting reading, our downloadable affirmations and so much more on this page. Again your suggestions are most welcomed.

Your midwife is our database of true home birth midwives across New Zealand. With multiple search functionality, you can browse midwives in your area and find out how to contact them. This page also features an ability to for midwives to add themselves on the listing, and tips on choosing a midwife to partner with.

About us is our grounding. Who we are, where we have come from and what this community is all about. Explore this page and cocoon yourself in our organisation, contact us and explore how and where you can contribute.

Welcome. Please, make your self at home. Tell us what you are thinking, show us what you have to koha. Soak up the inspiration, the gifts we present here from you our community, to you, our community. Welcome newcomers, welcome the stalwarts who have traveled along side us. Welcome the pēpe who have and will be born to home birth parents in this beautiful land of Aotearoa. Welcome our sisters from across the world who share our vision. Nau Mai! Nau Mai!




Birth isn’t something we suffer, but
something we actively do, and exalt in!


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