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Please fill out this online form to become a member on our “your Midwife” listing. Our aim is that women using this service can be confident they are being connected with a midwife who specifically practices and supports home birthing women. Your information will be need to be approved by an administrator prior to going live. Please be sure to include at least one contact email or phone number on your listing.

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This listing is created and maintained by Home Birth Aotearoa for the convenience of expectant women to identify midwives who practice and advocate home birth. Your information will be publicly available via this website, and it is also distributed to the national health line service for their information. By joining our database, you agree to the public distribution of the information you supply. You may also be contacted by Home Birth Aotearoa from time to time, for our organisational purposes. You are responsible for keeping the information in the listing up to date. If you need to alter or remove any or all of your information at any time, you may do so by visiting here.

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